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"HMS has proven to be extremely good value for money."
-- City of Albany, WA




"The benefits of practicing true asset management are varied and diverse. Some have direct, measurable impacts whilst others have a social impact which is difficult to measure. They include Understanding, Control, Financial Necessity and Progress of Community.

Asset management is about management for the future."

Excerpted from the paper entitled "Asset Management - Why?" (Adobe PDF 245 KB)
presented by Armin Huefner at the Pipes Wagga Wagga Conference

3 Key Benefits for your Organisation
Asset Management Brochures
External GIS Integration


3 Key Benefits for your Organisation

Maintaining an inventory of assets and their condition, defining optimal replacement strategies and meeting statutory reporting requirements are all objectives the Asset Manager must achieve.

The Loftus HMS Asset Management suite provides your organisation with three measurable benefits:

Yes! Knowledge
Registers of all Council controlled assets together with tools to evaluate scenarios and understand the impact of decisions

Conformity with financial accounting standards and best practice manuals via auitable and repeatable processes


Accomplishment of cost savings through optimised delivery of asset improvements to your community



AMS Insert screenLoftus IT staff understand asset management and that's why our Asset Management Systems are designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind without compromising the features that are required for true asset management.

The Asset Management Systems (AMS) have been designed to operate on a discipline basis with the prime function being to record, maintain and model data.

Each AMS shares a uniform look and feel with comprehensive facilities to:

Record related assets in structures tailored to suit individual asset types
Record measured and visual condition and life assessment information
Comply with AAS27 / FRS3 financial requirements relating to valuations
Model behaviour and understand asset degradation over time
Determine strategy and maintenance programs
Determine Developer Contributions to sewer infrastructure
Archive data for historical comparisons
Interface to Loftus HMS Customer Service and Work Management Systems
Interface to third party analysis software (where applicable)

Integration with GIS also plays a big part in Loftus HMS programs. We understand the growing requirement by organisations to have their assets linked to their maps and have incorporated a GIS+Viewer as a standard feature within our AMS product. We have since extended this feature with a new and exciting product called GIS+Link which allows your Loftus HMS AMS to share information in real-time directly with your MapInfo, ESRI and GenaMap GIS applications.

ParkPAK Asset Tree screen   RoadPAK Age Curve report  PipePAK Insert screen


Asset Management Brochures

AMS Overview (Adobe PDF 479 KB)
An brief look at the Loftus HMS Asset Management Systems
AMS Detail (Adobe PDF 2.41 MB)
A more detailed overview of each of the disciplines of the Loftus HMS Asset Management systems


Discipline-based modules

RoadPAK Overview (Adobe PDF 1.19 MB)
Complete asset management for road assets including : Seals, Pavements, Kerbing, Footpaths, Signage, Line Marking, Street Furniture, Lighting and Street Trees.
ParkPAK Overview (Adobe PDF 1.52 MB)
Asset Management for Parks and Reserves. Asset and Risk (Tree Hazard) Management of Trees and Green assets

PipePAK Overview (Adobe PDF 257 KB)
The AMS to manage your
Sewer (Wastewater), Water, Drainage (Stormwater) and Gas assets. The Sewer discipline includes a Section 64 (Adobe PDF 348 KB) plug-in module for determining developer contributions.

PLANT Overview (Adobe PDF 317 KB)
Asset Management for Pump Station & Treatment Plant infrastructure
BRAMS Overview (Adobe PDF 373 KB)
Asset Management for Bridges
BuildingPAK Overview (Adobe PDF 728 KB)
Asset Management for Buildings


External GIS integration

GIS+Link MI Overview (Adobe PDF 497 KB)
An add-on program that allows your AMS to share information in real-time directly with your MapInfo 7.0 (or higher) GIS application.
GIS+Link ESRI Overview (Adobe PDF 487 KB)
An add-on program that allows your AMS to share information in real-time directly with your ESRI ArcMap 8.3 GIS applications.
GIS+Link WV Overview (Adobe PDF 425 KB)
An add-on program that allows your AMS to share information in real-time directly with your GenaMap WorldViewer 8.1 application.


Click here to download a demonstration system.

Loftus IT understands that Resources within organisations can be limited, we also offer our Services in the areas of, but not limited to, data acquisition, data review & clean up, strategy determination.

Can't quite see an asset management system for you? Loftus IT will work with you to customise or write a program for you based on your specifications.

Call us on +61 8 8304 8888 or e-mail us at hms@loftusit.com.au to discuss your needs.

"What are your assets doing tomorrow?"

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